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Game Site and Product Reviews

A review is a form of opinion. It’s what you think of a product or service and helps potential customers decide if they want to use it too. But reviews can be tricky to write. There are many ways to approach them—not all are good. In this article, we’ll show you how

Start with the basics.

Before you start writing, it’s essential to set the stage. You should introduce your product and tell the reader what you think about it. Give a link to the product or site so that they can see what it looks like in action before reading your review. Explain why this is worth caring about—is there an audience for your product? Do people want it? If so, What is the size and location of the audience?

Explain why this is worth caring about—is there an audience for your product?

Do people want it? If so, how many people are there (and where are they located)?

Focus on the game, not your skills

  • Focus on the game. Don’t try to prove that you’re better than others
  • Please don’t get defensive when someone asks you a question or criticizes your work unless they’re being particularly condescending
  • Don’t focus on the negative aspects of something, even if it’s true for everyone else

Clearly state what you appreciate and suggest specific improvements in your online review.

When reviewing an online product, be specific about what you like and what could be improved. For example:

  • “I like that the interface is clear and easy to use.”
  • “The tutorial was helpful when I first started using this app.”
  • “I wish there were more options for customizing my character’s appearance in-game (e.g., hair color).”

Watch for bugs and glitches in your review.

  • Bugs and glitches can be an issue.
  • How to identify bugs and glitches:
  • Check for errors in the user interface, such as spelling or typos; if you encounter an error, report it immediately! You may also want to look out for any odd behavior that’s not consistent with what you’re used to experiencing with other sites/software/etc.
  • Look for duplicated content (e.g., text that appears twice on one page) or incorrect information (e.g., links that don’t work). If you find either of these things happening frequently enough within your test site/game/software, it probably needs fixing immediately!

Back up your opinions with examples and facts

When reviewing a game, site, or software, providing examples of what you like and don’t like is essential. Enhance your review by incorporating links to reviews already written about the product.

You should also include facts about the site or software in your review. For example: “The website is easy to navigate,” or “The app frequently crashes when I try opening it on my phone.” It will help your readers understand why there are problems with the product.

Finally, please provide links to other reviews about this product so people can see what others think (or at least check out their thoughts).

Don’t exaggerate

You don’t want to use superlatives in your review because they can be misleading. If you say something is “amazing,” then describe all its flaws and shortcomings, that sentence will seem false and forced.

Similarly, suppose you’re too negative about a particular aspect of the product or service being reviewed (like its price tag). In that case, people might think this is what everyone else thinks about it too! But from our experience with over a thousand reviews on our site alone (and thousands more across LinkedIn). We have found that most people like their products, even though they don’t always love them. It is not uncommon to see posts where someone leaves an accurate review despite having personal issues with the product itself.

If you’re going to give a review, do it right by being fair and honest.

If you’re going to give a review, do it right by being fair and honest. It would help if you thought about what you like and don’t like for your reader to benefit from your feedback.

  • Don’t be afraid to criticize. If something isn’t working properly, say so! Give suggestions as well if there are ways that the product could be improved upon (but again: don’t exaggerate). For example, if an app crashes every time I try loading it on my phone or tablet, I’ll say, “the app crashes every time.” This way, no one gets upset when they read my review because they know precisely why it crashed, which means less complaining from their end (and more helpful suggestions).
  • Do not personalize things, regardless of who creates them or where they originate. When reviewing their work, it doesn’t matter how long ago someone made this piece of art. No matter how many times someone else had used it before yours arrived. At your doorsteps today, even if other people were waiting behind yours who wanted theirs too! Think about all those things for just one moment, then tell us what works/doesn’t work with our designs/ideas, etc.


We hope this post has helped you get some great ideas for your following review! Remember, getting carried away with how much you enjoy a game can be easy. It is better, to be honest about what could be improved and ensure that the user experience is as good as possible.

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