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The History Channel on Dish brings a deep look into past events, perfect for anyone interested in historical documentaries and series. Through Dish Network, finding the History Channel is straightforward with the channel guide. This channel, usually located on channel 120, is included in several packages like America’s Top 120, making it available to viewers who have passed a credit qualification to qualify for the service.

Dish Network goes beyond just catering to history enthusiasts. With add-on options such as Starz, Disney Channel, and sports-focused channels like ESPN, NBA TV, and NFL, subscribers have the freedom to tailor their viewing lineup. The Dish movie collection, along with exclusive content like the Big Ten Network, appeals to a wide audience, offering everything in HD for a better viewing experience. For those interested in keeping up with local happenings, local channels are also included, ensuring you’re up to date with local news and events. With Dish Network’s channel guide and TV packages, households have access to a wide-ranging entertainment package.


Key Takeaways

  1. The History Channel on Dish is straightforward to find using the channel guide, usually on channel 120, and is available in packages such as America’s Top 120 for those who qualify.
  2. Dish Network broadens its offerings beyond history, including add-ons like Starz and Disney Channel, plus sports channels such as ESPN, NBA TV, and NFL, appealing to various tastes in HD.
  3. Offering a mix of historical documentaries, reality shows, and dramas, the History Channel turns learning about the past into an engaging experience.
  4. Past disputes between Dish Network and A+E Networks had temporarily removed the History Channel from Dish, but the issue has been resolved, keeping the channel accessible.
  5. A&E and the History Channel together provide a wide range of programming on Dish Network that aims to entertain, enlighten, and educate.
  6. Through Dish Network’s structured channel lineup and packages, viewers can easily keep up with their favorite History Channel programs, with features like DVR and the Dish app enhancing the viewing experience.

What is DirecTV? Uncover the Truth About the History Channel on Dish!

Exploring what the History Channel on Dish offers reveals a wide array of historical programming available via the Dish Network channel. The Dish channel guide simplifies the process of locating any TV channel, further enhanced by the Dish voice remote. For sports enthusiasts, Dish TV‘s channel packs include both the MLB Network and NHL Network, ensuring all the action is just a click away. The service, powered by the Hopper Duo—an internet-connected setup—demands a 2-year commitment but comes with a 2-year price guarantee, safeguarding against unexpected costs, albeit an early termination fee might be imposed. Be aware that fees may apply based on credit, making it a pivotal consideration for subscribers of MLB and NHL content.

What Channel is History on Dish Network?

Hey there! Looking to catch up on some epic history shows, documentaries, or maybe even some reality TV like “Pawn Stars” or “American Pickers”? You’re in the right place. I was in the same boat a while back. I just got Dish Network and couldn’t find the History Channel for the life of me. No worries, I’ve got you covered.

Where to Find It: The Short Answer

First things first, the History Channel is usually on channel 120 on Dish Network. Easy to remember, right? Now, let’s dive deeper.

How the Channels are Organized on Dish Network

Understanding Packages

You’ve got to have the right package to catch the History Channel. Dish Network offers several packages like:

  • America’s Top 120
  • America’s Top 200
  • America’s Top 250

Good news! The History Channel is available in all these packages.

Channel Categories

Channels on Dish are grouped into categories like:

  • News
  • Entertainment
  • Kids
  • Lifestyle

You’ll find the History Channel under the Entertainment category.

What’s So Great About the History Channel?

Let me tell you, the History Channel is not just about history books coming to life. They’ve got a mix of everything, from war documentaries to shows about treasure hunting.

Popular Shows

Here are some of the shows you shouldn’t miss:

Show Name What’s it About
Pawn Stars A pawn shop and the cool stuff people bring in
American Pickers Hunting for antiques across America
Ancient Aliens Exploring theories about extraterrestrials in ancient times

My Personal Favorite: “Vikings”

Oh, man, “Vikings” had me glued to the screen. The action, the drama, the, well, history—it’s a perfect blend!

Tips and Tricks

Using the Search Function

You can easily find the History Channel by using the search function on your remote. Just type in “History,” and you’ll be there in a snap.

Recording Shows

Don’t want to miss out, but can’t watch right now? Use the DVR function to record your faves.

On-the-Go? Use the App!

Dish has a super handy app that lets you watch on the go. So you can catch up on “Forged in Fire” while waiting at the airport. I’ve done it, and it’s a lifesaver!

So there you have it, folks! Channel 120 is your go-to for the History Channel on Dish Network. Remember to check your package, explore their remarkable shows, and maybe even record some to watch later. Enjoy your TV time!

Split-screen image comparing Dish Network and DirecTV satellites under a clear blue sky with a central question mark.
Split-screen image comparing Dish Network and DirecTV satellites under a clear blue sky with a central question mark.

The Ultimate Guide to The History Channel on Dish Network

Navigating through The Ultimate Guide to The History Channel on Dish Network uncovers the broad range of historical programming available through Dish TV. Utilizing the Hopper Duo, viewers can easily locate the History Channel by channel number. Note that this functionality requires an internet-connected Hopper. Access to this service typically applies based on credit qualification. Users can effortlessly search through channels by pressing the voice remote button to activate the feature. Beyond history, Dish also provides a variety of music channels and movie channels, broadening the scope of available entertainment. Engaging with these services requires credit qualification and a 2-year commitment. Integration with Google Assistant is supported for enhanced interaction, and the Wally device offers additional connectivity options, while the Joey extends viewing to multiple rooms. All pricing details are provided upfront, and eAutoPay is recommended for potential savings.

The Dish Network History Channel: More Than Just a Channel

Ever wondered how things got to be the way they are? How are cars made, or why a war started? The History Channel on Dish is like a buddy who’s great at telling stories—true stories about all that and more.

What You Get

  • Documentaries
  • Reality Shows
  • Dramas

It’s like being in a time machine that’s also a theatre. You’re not just learning; you’re living history.

Why It Matters

Ever followed trends in digital marketing or managed an online campaign? If you get why that’s useful for your business, you’ll get why the History Channel can be beneficial for your brain. It shapes how you see the world. No more pondering the “whys” of history. You get straight-up answers that stick with you.

The Mystery Solved: What Happened to the History Channel on Dish?

Remember the time the History Channel just vanished? I panicked. But it turned out to be a contract issue between Dish Network and A+E Networks—the guys who own the History Channel.

The Beef: Contract Issues

  • Disagreements over fees
  • Digital rights haggles

But don’t fret! They’re talking it out, and the History Channel is back in action.

Is the History Channel Still Available on Dish? Yes!

Good news, history buffs! The channel is still rocking on Dish Network. You can find it across several packages, covering everything from ancient history to the latest groundbreaking documentaries.

What’s On Offer

  • War documentaries
  • Historical dramas
  • Reality series

So, if you’re into stuff like the American Revolution or cutting-edge info, Dish has got your back.

Heads Up: Schedule Changes on the History Channel

Have you noticed something different about the schedule lately? You’re not alone. I set aside time for “Vikings” only to find it had been moved. So, what gives?

What’s Changing

  • New shows are being added
  • Timing adjustments for existing shows

How to Stay Updated

  • Check the Dish Network website
  • Browse the on-screen guide

Always check in advance to plan your must-watch list. Dish keeps things updated, so you’re not left in the dark.

A&E and The History Channel: The Dynamic Duo on Dish

A&E and the History Channel are like two peas in a pod on Dish Network. Both bring you killer content that’s as entertaining as it is enlightening.

The Shared Mission

  • Entertain
  • Enlighten
  • Educate

Whether you’re solving crimes in your head with A&E or travelling through time with the History Channel, you’re not just watching TV. You’re going on a learning journey, and with Dish, you’ve got a front-row seat.

Why This Connection Rocks

It’s like a buffet of excellent TV, serving up reality shows, documentaries, and so much more. If you’re on Dish, you’re set for a wide variety of quality content that meets all your curiosity needs.

So, there you have it—your go-to guide for all things History Channel on Dish Network. From understanding what’s on offer to keeping up with schedule changes, you’re now ready to dive into the wealth of content available. Enjoy your time-traveling adventures through the screen!

An open guidebook illustrating the History Channel logo and a list of top shows on a background with a satellite dish motif.
An open guidebook illustrating the History Channel logo and a list of top shows on a background with a satellite dish motif.

The Ultimate Lowdown: DirecTV vs. Dish for History Channel Fans

The competition heats up for those looking for the best access to historical programming. Dish’s requires an internet-connected Hopper is essential for accessing their broad Dish channel lineup, including the Dish TV channel where history buffs can get their fill. Commitment is key, as both providers insist on credit qualification and a 2-year commitment, standard for securing subscriber dedication. Dish’s offerings are expanded through add-on packages, such as Starz and the Dish Movie Pack, all of which are included in the 2-year price guarantee. However, subscribers should note the Movie Pack remains active unless you call or go online to cancel, highlighting the need for proactive management of subscriptions. These plans are subject to change without notice, reflecting the ever-evolving landscape of satellite TV. TV experts point out the wealth of channels included, with options for further customization through add-on channels. Customers will qualify for specific deals based on name or address, tailoring the experience to individual needs.

A Peek into DirecTV and Dish: A Revolution in TV Watching

Before we go any further, let’s roll back time a bit—just like the History Channel does. Both DirecTV and Dish have had a significant impact on the way we consume TV. They’ve made it super convenient and customizable. It’s a must-know for anyone who cares about the evolution of TV and satellite services.

Why It Matters

  • Transformation in Satellite Broadcasting
  • Revolutionary Content Delivery

Seriously, if you’ve ever wondered how watching TV got so cool, these platforms are why.

Getting the Scoop: The History Channel’s Schedule on DirecTV and Dish

So, you’re obsessed with shows like “Ancient Aliens” or “Pawn Stars,” right? Me too! Let’s talk about how never to miss an episode.

Where to Check

  • DirecTV’s official website
  • Dish’s official website
  • History Channel’s online schedule

Tech Tips

  • Set Reminders: Use your DirecTV or Dish platform to set reminders.
  • Record Shows: Use the DVR feature to capture your favorite episodes.

Extra Perks

  • Apps: DirecTV and Dish have mobile apps. Manage your TV life on the go!

Plan smartly, and you won’t have to miss out on any groundbreaking documentaries or must-see episodes.

Dish or DirecTV: What’s the Best Fit for History Channel Buffs?

This is the meaty stuff—the difference between DirecTV and Dish when it comes to the History Channel.

The Tale of Two Packages

DirecTV Dish
Price Slightly pricier More budget-friendly
Channel Lineup More extensive Value-focused
History Channel Inclusion Base package America’s Top 120

DirecTV is the whole feast, often at a higher price. But they throw in exclusive sports channels as a bonus. On the flip side, Dish is like a carefully curated meal—less pricey and with an excellent DVR service.

What it Boils Down to

Your pick between DirecTV and Dish depends on what you want more:

  • Extensive channel options?
  • Cost-effectiveness?
  • Or maybe DVR features?

Weigh these factors, and you’ll know where to get your History Channel fix.

Your History Channel Experience: DirecTV vs. Dish Packages

Both DirecTV and Dish get that the History Channel isn’t just a channel—it’s an experience. Here’s how they deliver it to you:

DirecTV’s Offering

  • Choice
  • Xtra
  • Ultimate
  • Premier

Dish’s Offering

  • America’s Top 120
  • America’s Top 200
  • America’s Everything

Whatever floats your boat—be it ancient civilizations, war stories, or biographies of notable people—both DirecTV and Dish have your back.

The Takeaway

High-quality broadcast, crisp picture clarity, and tons of options make the History Channel a must-have. Trust me, it’s the channel you never knew you needed but now can’t live without.

So, there it is. You’re now armed with everything you need to know about getting the History Channel on DirecTV and Dish. Choose wisely, and may you have an enlightening TV journey!

Infographic comparing features of DirecTV and Dish Network for History Channel fans, including channel variety and pricing.
Infographic comparing features of DirecTV and Dish Network for History Channel fans, including channel variety and pricing.

Unpacking the Magic: Dish vs DirecTV’s Broadcast of the History Channel

Exploring the differences in how Dish and DirecTV present the History Channel to viewers uncovers unique aspects of each service. Watching the History Channel through Dish requires an internet-connected Hopper, highlighting the necessity for up-to-date technology. Additionally, to navigate and select channels, customers must press specific controls, ensuring user engagement. Signing up for these services offers require credit qualification, indicating that a good credit history is necessary for subscription approval. Further, a commitment to these providers requires credit qualification and a 2-year commitment, locking in subscribers for a fixed duration. Both Dish and DirecTV, as LLC entities, set these guidelines to guarantee the provision of extensive historical programming to their audience.

The Gizmos and Gadgets: How Dish and DirecTV Bring History to You

Okay, so we love diving into the past with shows that unravel the mysteries of ancient civilizations or explore WWII secrets. But how do these shows get from a distant studio to your living room TV? Spoiler: It involves satellites, digital signals, and some really cool tech.

The Step-by-Step Journey of a Broadcast

  1. Uplink Center to Satellite: Dish and DirecTV snag the History Channel’s signals from its uplink center.
  2. Satellite to Earth: These signals are beamed down to Earth via satellite.
  3. Your Home Antenna: Your Dish catches these signals.
  4. Decoding: Your set-top box decodes them into something your TV can show you.

Remember the first time you tuned into the History Channel and felt like you’d discovered a treasure trove of knowledge? Well, this broadcast science is the unsung hero making that moment possible.

Discovery vs. History: The Epic Showdown on Dish and DirecTV

It’s the ultimate standoff! Do you go for the tech and nature goodness of the Discovery Channel or the deep dives into the past with the History Channel? Hey, no judgment here! Let’s weigh our options.

What You Get

Channel Types of Shows Examples On Dish? On DirecTV?
Discovery Science, Tech, Nature “Deadliest Catch,” “MythBusters” Yes Yes
History Documentaries, Historical Drama “Vikings,” “Knightfall” Yes Yes


  • Dish: Known for crisp picture quality, ideal for nature documentaries.
  • DirecTV: Offers robust signal strength, making it a reliable option for binge-watching.

Your choice between Discovery and History might come down to whether you’re a nature junkie or a history buff. Either way, both Dish and DirecTV have got you covered with a variety of packages.

Never Miss a Beat: The History Channel Schedule on Dish and DirecTV

The History Channel isn’t just a channel; it’s an experience. And you wouldn’t want to miss an episode of your favorite show. That’s where the TV guide feature of your Dish or DirecTV service comes in handy.

Tips and Tricks

  • Time Zones Matter: The exact airing time of a show could vary based on your time zone.
  • Stay Updated: Schedules can change. So, keep an eye on the TV guide.

Features That Make Life Easier

  • Reminders: Use the reminder feature to get an alert before your show starts.
  • DVR: Record episodes you can’t watch in real time.
  • On-Demand: Did you miss an episode? Catch up using on-demand services.

Remember when you forgot to record that one episode and felt like you’d missed an enormous life event? Yeah, these features are there to make sure that never happens again.

There you have it! You’re now well-equipped with the knowledge you need to make the most of your History Channel experience on either Dish or DirecTV. From the science behind broadcasting to scheduling and channel choices, consider yourself a satellite TV savant.

Illustration of satellite broadcasting signals to Dish and DirecTV receivers in a home, displaying the History Channel on TVs.
Illustration of satellite broadcasting signals to Dish and DirecTV receivers in a home, displaying the History Channel on TVs.
DISH Network 40.0 UHF 2G Remote
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  • 8.5 x 1.2 x 4.1 inches
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We earn a commission if you make a purchase, at no additional cost to you.


Wrapping up, the History Channel on Dish stands out as a key source for exploring various historical events, delivered through an engaging mix of documentaries and series. Accessing this treasure trove of knowledge requires an internet-connected Hopper, aligning with the need for cutting-edge technology. Additionally, users must press the voice remote button to activate the search function within the Dish network channel guide, streamlining the process of finding specific channels. Engaging with these offerings requires credit qualification and a 2-year commitment, part of Dish’s approach to offer stable pricing and services as included in the 2-year price guarantee.

For those looking to broaden their entertainment horizons beyond historical documentaries, Dish’s add-on packages provide a wide array of movie channels available through the Dish Movie Pack, unless adjustments are made. With Starz and the Dish Movie Pack, viewers have access to a broader range of entertainment options, easily navigable through the Dish TV guide and channel lineup. To maintain access to the Movie Pack, customers must call or go online as required. The full list of Dish network channels list offers a detailed overview of all the channels available, allowing viewers to customize their Dish experience to suit their viewing preferences perfectly.