Comprehensive Guide On How To Sell Journals on Etsy

how to sell journals on etsy

What You Need To Know Before Starting Your Etsy Journal Shop How to sell journals on Etsy: So you’re stoked about journaling and thinking, “Why not make some cash out of it?” Good call. Etsy is the perfect playground for creatives like you. But hold your horses! Before you list your first journal, review some … Read more

Step-by-Step Guide: How to Buy a Motel with No Money Down

how to buy a motel with no money

Why Buying a Motel is a Good Investment Before we deep dive into how to buy a motel with no money, let’s pause and chat about why owning a motel is a killer investment opportunity. Trust me; this isn’t something you want to skip over. Return on Investment (ROI) and Profitability Alright, let’s talk numbers—everyone’s … Read more

Your Guide On How To Protect Yourself From Wrongful Termination

how to protect yourself from wrongful termination

How to protect yourself from wrongful termination: So, you’ve landed a job that you’re pretty stoked about. But before you get too cozy, let’s talk about a topic that most people avoid until it’s too late—wrongful termination. You might think, “That’ll never happen to me!” But better safe than sorry, right? This guide is your … Read more

Unlocking Limits: How Many Properties Can One Person Manage?

how many properties can one person manage

The Variables in Property Management Before diving into the nitty-gritty of how many properties one person can manage, it’s crucial to look at the different variables that come into play. Your management capacity isn’t one-size-fits-all. Location of Properties First off, the geographical location of your properties matters—a lot. Anecdote: I know a landlord who had … Read more

High Tech Vending Machine Revolutionizing Retail Spaces

high tech vending machine

What Are High Tech Vending Machines: The Game Changers in the Vending World Have you ever breezed by a vending machine and thought, man, if only it offered more than carbonated sugar water and chips? Welcome to the 21st century, where high-tech vending machines are revolutionizing convenience. We’re not talking about the run-of-the-mill soda dispensers … Read more