7 Tips To Start An Online Business

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Starting an online business is easy. But if you don’t approach this correctly, success will be A difficult task with the number of people giving up quickly. So avoid the same mistakes that they have made.

This influential report will identify the seven mistakes you must avoid. Avoiding these mistakes will give you a greater chance of success.

Treat Your online business Correctly.

People are Curious to read about online businesses from Gurus, and they started an online business. Many Claims of millions and billions in profits, with just a few clicks of their mouse?

Following Methods from online training programs, promising the world with no stress. Instant traffic from all directions, but reality bites, and it is not an easy road to take. Most give up, and some persist.

Starting an online business is easy. The cost is probably about $10 for a domain name a year and $10 per month for hosting.

If you install the WordPress blogging platform, you can set up a website for free. So with so little investment, Low Entry businesses as usually the most difficult to maintain.

Respect and Treat your Business as a Real Asset

Not treating your online business as a good business will probably be the reason not to succeed. Online business does not need a lot of investment, but you need to be engaged emotionally.

Starting an online business is relatively easy, but not easy to succeed. Words from others do nothing literally. Creating a sustainable and robust online business requires a lot of hard work. You will need automation tools like FluentCRM to assist with your daily work. Believing that you are creating an asset will help. And the website you build is an asset to you. Selling it off to an interested party can be used as an exit plan.

If your business is booming with regular income, offers will come for your website from interested people.

Doing a Successful Business

Creating a successful online business requires a lot of work daily. There are no such things as a set-and-forget system. Get the words out, and do not fear people knowing about your actions. Successful people never worry about how others look at what they are doing.

Taking your online business as a hobby or sideline may lower your chances of success. Imagine investing your life savings into a brick-and-mortar shop downtown in a local mall. Would you treat it as a hobby or sideline just for fun?

Not! – So take that mentality, work it out with the online business, and get ready for success!

There will be days when things go wrong or your campaign stops working and does not deliver the desired results. Resilience and commitment to overcome these problems, carry on, operate forward, and not give up. Treat this as your last hope of survival, finding ways to overcome and work out a solution. Treating the online business as a real tangible asset will pave the way to problem-solving.

Planning Ahead

How many people started their business with a plan in hand? The answer is “Few.” We do not know exactly how many online businesses fail yearly. But we know the number must be astounding. Most online business does not set goals or create plans in advance.

Yet they get surprised when it fails.

So if you are starting an online business, set a goal. E.g., financial goal. Think how much you wish to generate in the first 12 months and turn that into a financial plan.

An online business that you started has the potential to make lots of money. Think of it this way: the only thing holding it down is “YOU”! Use the SMART goal-setting process to set your goals :

SMART Goal-Setting:

Your plan has to be clear, e.g., a precise target number of $100,000 in the next 12 months

The progress of your goal can be measured using these numbers.

Be realistic about your goals, there is no point in setting something too high and you give up along the way. But nothing is impossible here.

Never be too Ambitious. Work with a realistic timeline to get things done within your capabilities.

Set a timeline, e.g., 12 months for your goal, and your plan to achieve this goal in the set timeline. What happens if there is a problem completing contingency plans? Open-ended goals are meaningless in this aspect. You want to end up with a daily set of tasks that move you closer to your goal day by day. Please think of the macro functions of your plans and break them down into daily micro tasks.

A Simple Plan Would be :

Deciding on the niche and business model

Setting up a domain and website

Content Research

Choosing Your Niche

Niche selection is the most crucial consideration for your online business when you start, as you may not have a clear direction.

With the initial phase done incorrectly, we will waste a lot of time making little remunerations.

The same is valid for product selection if you start an eCommerce business selling physical products.

Many niches are available, but not all are suitable for online businesses. Many online gurus selling courses will tell you to follow your passions. Still, your passion can be just your passion that nobody cares about online. Sad to say, but people are selfish. People search online on google or search engine for solutions to their problems.

Not about what your passion is.

Target problems that people face daily provide solutions to these essential areas. A few that I may list would be, e.g., Wealth, Relationship, and health-related niches. These are the three most easily encountered niches any ordinary person may face.

Two key questions to look out for when choosing the niche:

Is there a demand for this?

Are there money-making opportunities in these areas?

If you have a negative on any of the questions above, consider looking and sourcing for another niche. You can also check the search volume using Google Ads Keyword Planner, enter some seed keywords related to your place and look out for the search volume. Related terms each month it reached. the higher the number, the better.

Are there lots of ads on the first search results page? If there are, that means that the search term is highly sort after and relevant to the searcher’s problems which could potentially be a cash cow. Note that high-volume search phrases also need more work to get results.

OfferVault.com can also be used to find reasonable offers using your seed keyword. Depending on the search results numbers, a higher number of results means that the seed keyword could be a winner.

Our Top 3 Category niches are :

Health and Fitness – e.g., weight loss
Wealth Creation – e.g., making money online, investing
Personal Development – e.g., relationships, dating, self-improvement

Go where the money is would be the easiest way to choose the right niche. You do not need to be a scholar for this. Learning from mistakes is better than not doing anything at all or choosing the wrong place, which could potentially lose valuable time and effort.

Finding Offers to Promote

Many websites provide affiliate programs or CPA online for monetizing. I would suggest the two most common and more accessible places are Clickbank and ShareASale. These are high-level activities; for starters, first, decide on your niche. Plan your goals and carry them wherever you go.

The Right Business Model

The different online business models can be listed as follows:

Most methods listed would require low investment unless you open your eCommerce Store or Platform. For this, you will need capital investment for initial stocks. Check if you have the capabilities. Otherwise, you may have to borrow and take some risks in the initial phases of the business.

Creating and sales of your products and services is time-consuming work. If you are unable to commit the time, it will be tough. The creation of products can be outsourced, with a fair bit of money invested.

If a particular skill that you are capable of that is in demand, here are some examples of freelance services you can try on:

And if the skills listed can be marketed and provide you with a good source of income online. However, it is vital to maintain discipline to succeed. Customers will expect the work delivered to be on time and of the highest quality unless you can source traffic from warm leads. To be fluent with the skillset will take time, as everything is the most difficult during starting off period.

Affiliate Marketing

Out of the list above, Affiliate Marketing seems to be of the lowest entry level. Understanding the concept is simple. The idea is to find vendors to work with, send traffic to their products, and make sales commissions. There are also CPA lead paid or sales commission types. You can read more about this in my other article on Affiliate Marketing.

Selling Products Online

There are two types of products available in the market Physical & Digital products. Physical products can be easier to sell with lower commission compared to Digital products, that is harder to sell but provides higher commission.

There are a lot of affiliate networks available online where you can find offers to promote. For physical products, try out Amazon Associates Program. Amazon has vast effects, but the sales commission will likely be 3-5%.

Digital Products

For Digital products, a few common easy-entry ones would be Clickbank.com, ShareAsale, or Digistore24.com, which offers much higher returns of about 50% commissions and above. Take note, as there are low entry barriers, competition is high for affiliate marketing.

Writing Novels

Writing and publishing a novel on platforms such as Amazon, Kindle, and Barnes and Noble is also a good source of income if you can write interesting and catchy stories.


Dropshipping is a business where you profit from an Arbitrage strategy. A drop shipper does not have physical stock. Very similar to Affiliate Marketing, but on dropshipping, the buyer can and will look for you if they receive a faulty product, which your supplier can ship. The profit comes from the sell high buy low strategy, the same as traditional selling. Still, once the buyer purchases an order, you then pass this order on to your supplier. They will ship out the order on your behalf using your Airwaybill. Dropshipping used to be a lucrative business until many online platforms started to sway away from drop shippers as they had issues finding responsibility from drop shippers.

All the above strategies can make a lot of money online. Take time to consider and think through which method suits you. Choose one that is suitable for you and stick to it. There can be a different learning curve base on your knowledge and selection. Do not jump around strategies. Being fickle-minded is not going to work.

Glittering Pasture and Losing Focus

“Shiny Object Syndrome” is a term used for someone always jumping around strategies anyone recommends. Online marketers make money out of changing people’s decisions. They make you think twice if you have made a wrong decision and sway you towards their subsequent sales.

Many people in the Wealth Creation niche have been swayed by many ideas and information constantly bombarding them to distract their focus. Releasing New courses and programs can happen every other day in this niche. They are hoping to change your direction and make their subsequent sales.

DO NOT BE SWAYED! No matter how tempting the offer sounds to you. Some purchase course after course, believing that the gold nugget is nearby.

Focus on your one strategy for your best endeavour. To be the Champion of this one method, you need to learn everything about it and be prepared to try new approaches to make it work. Never Give up and change courses midway.

Where do I get Enough Traffic?

The majority of online business fails because of one thing. And the answer is that new online business owners.


You can promote something mediocre but still make a reasonable profit from it if you drive enough traffic to it.

You may have the best offer in hand, but without the right traffic, the sales will be limited or non-existent. Traffic is the “KING” in online business, regardless of the niche or strategy that you are maybe implementing.

Freelancer online that is not pushed forward to people’s mobile or desktop browsers will not get any eyeballs or attention and usually will fail. As an Affiliate Marketer, you cannot make sales or commissions without the traffic. It works the same for eCommerce Stores, and the list goes on and on.

One of the most critical aspects of online business is allocating time daily to promote your services. Many strategies are available for this to work, with or without investment. Time is the resulting factor.


Methods without investment sum can be in the form of Content Marketing, Video Marketing, Social Media, etc.

For Startups with some budget, you can try investing in a paid advertisement through a (PPC) Traffic search engine such as GOOGLE or BING. Social media sites like Facebook, Instagram, and TikTok can also be good sources for traffic generation.

We suggest you start with a mix, as much of the organic ways will take time for a new setup, like 3-6 months. That is where you can boost with paid strategies.

Always have an opt-in form on your websites to collect mailing data. The online platforms come and go as the waves go along you will still have your email list, and that will, in the long run, save you from being checkmate by the paid media sources.

The Logic is simple: the more traffic you have, the more successful you become online, generating more commission and sales.

A/B Testing is the new Norm

Compared to brick-and-mortar businesses, an online company has the advantage that every metric you gather can be measured and analyzed in real-time. Many online business owners do not use it for their businesses enough.

Programs like GOOGLE Analytics show your visitors, in days/months/years, the specifics of devices and clicks or even sales generated during which time and date. You can even find out their geographics, where they came from, there are more men or women. Also, where they have been directed from, which web pages were they surfing before.

One helpful piece of information would be how long each viewer stays on your website, known as bounce rate, as you wish them to last as long as they can. If your traffic leaves too quickly, find out why and mitigate the issues, like writing longer articles or even more exciting information for them. These will increase your sales in the longer timeframes.

Most Social Media Platforms these days come with high-tech information, such as comprehensive analytics. Use this information to test images and text, see how your viewers respond to them and analyze the results to troubleshoot low bounce rate. So highlight trouble areas on your website and make improvements. Data is essential for online business, so use it effectively.


That sums up our seven critical online mistakes for a successful online business. We wish you a fruitful investment and time. Now that you have the information commit to not making them during your journey and not making them happen. Have a GREAT SUCCESS Ahead!

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