Make Money Online – 10 Proven Methods

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As everything turns digital nowadays, some people find it easier to make money through online platforms.

If you’re willing to make money this way but have zero experience, here are a few simple methods to follow.

1. Monetize your social media

Make money through social media.

It is what most influencers do with their social media. They could get an endorsement with high exposure and views from their followers. The key to this method has a large following first. Examples include ads on YouTube, live streams on TikTok, and acceptance on Instagram.

2. Become a drop-shipper/create your online shop

You don’t need a shop or store to sell anything over the Internet. The only thing you have to do is sell products from companies or shops in your market. You can build your online shop on social media like Twitter, Instagram, Facebook, and Youtube or e-commerce like eBay, Amazon, and others. You can put higher prices in your online shop to maximize your profit.

3. Be an online broker

Find good online assets like crypto, concert tickets, or domains. Buy them and then sell them at a higher price. It would help if you had some money and a strategy to start.

4. Sell your photography or footage

Some sites allow you to post your photos and footage; if someone is interested, they will pay for your photos/videos. The areas include Getty Images, Shutterstock, Dissolve, and VideoHive. Use more tags and descriptions, so your products will be at the top of a search.

5. Apply for the position of online app-based drivers

You can make money as a delivery man, Uber driver, or any other way you can use your phone. Being an online driver is easy; you only need a driving license, phone, and vehicle.

6. Post your writing/become a ghostwriter

If writing is your hobby, you could post your work and monetize it. For instant money, you could apply to be a ghostwriter who writes any articles determined by the client, but the writing would appear under the client’s name.

7. Run an online course

You can create and advertise your practice if you have the skills or ability to train. You will receive 100% of the profit. If a system is too extensive, you can tutor students online and help them with their school homework or materials.

8. Find an online job

Online jobs refer to working without being in certain places, but you can run them using devices. Examples are virtual assistants, social media managers, online customer service agents, and many more. You can find them on various sites like Google jobs, LinkedIn,

9. Test and review a site, game, or software

Please test some novel products and provide feedback using your critical thinking skills and detailed observations. Userlytics, Userbrain, TryMyUI, Ubertesters, and Testbirds offer this position. Some need specific requirements, but others don’t.

10. Share your referrals and join an affiliate program

The fastest way to make money. Share your code, and both you and your referee get benefits. You can start by sharing it with your closest ones or promoting it on social media. Affiliate programs include CJ Affiliate, Amazon Associates, brush, and others.


The jobs offer many benefits, including working from home, flexible working hours, and a wide variety of opportunities. The positions above will always be in demand. Prepare yourself, including the skills required for the job. Try to apply for several places, and don’t give up if you fail at one vacancy because there are plenty of jobs online.

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